Do You Have The Jogging Fortitude?

"You need willpower, guts and determination in direct proportion to a failure in your training program."

Want to learn how to train for a 5K, 10k, half or full marathon? Jogging Revival™ is for the 45 to 50 plus woman who is ready for a fitness workout program. The woman who wants the stamina and strength she once knew. Are you unwilling to just grow old on the sidelines? Do you want to jump in with both feet and "Live life like you mean it"?

Willpower and determination can get you to the starting line of any race. There is no doubt about it. They can even help you to run for years into retirement. It is the way we used to train, guts and determination won the day.

Well… This is a training breakthrough. That is the hard way to reach your goal. You still train, you still conquer; however, you do it with less effort when you get the parts of the whole right.

Jogging Training Principles

The life-long healthy jogger uses these 4 principles in training:

  1. The Principle of Gradients
  2. Superior Nutrition
  3. Perceptive Running
  4. Accent on Ability
woman jogging in park

Whether you are going from years of couch training, are a beginner runner, or looking to up your game with a road race, you need the right advice-at the right time for your level of progress.

  • How to prevent and treat running injuries? 
  • How to stay injury-free as just a matter of course.
  • What training techniques are effective? 
  • How to recover quicker from your training or racing with sports nutrition and/or supplements for runners? 
  • Running tips for racing, setting goals and staying motivated.
  • What is the proper running form?
Jogging Couple

I cover all this and more to help the 50 plus woman jog her way through life. It is my goal to help you be better than you have ever been before. I invite you to explore, delve in and discover. Use the navigational buttons down the left side or visit our most popular pages by clicking on the thumbnail images at the top of the page.

jogging downhill

I have heard it said that being 50 is over the hill. Well… it's easier to run downhill!

Are you ready for the downhill ride?

Before you head off...

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