Beginner 10K Training
Go From Couch to 10K in 16 Weeks

Yes, even a beginner-jogging novice can start her 10k training. This training program will get you from zero to 10k races in 16 weeks.

woman in 10k training

If you already run 6 miles per week, then you can go to the intermediate 10K schedule.

For your first 10k, I recommend that you set no time goal. Instead, make your goal the achievement of follow through from an idea to accomplishment. Then for future 10k events, you can follow the 10k intermediate training schedule.

Skip down to schedule table.

Important Tips in 10k Training

  1. Each of us is an individual with our own innate abilities. Accent on your abilities, they will then increase and your limitations will fade into distant memory.

  2. Any 10k schedule you follow must be applied with your own judgement. In other words, advance your training only when you feel capable. You can avoid running injuries by using your noggin; over exertion or too much too quickly can have you back on the couch.

  3. On cross training (CT) days do not jog or run. These days are for you to use alternate muscle groups while remaining active. Swimming and cycling are good options.

  4. Maintain your brisk walk (BW) days as these will help to remove lactic acid from your muscles thus speeding your recovery.

  5. Running is fun. It’s playtime for anyone, so keep the spirit of play alive in your workouts.

Beginner 10k Training Program

Week    Sunday       Monday/Tuesday       Wed.       Thurs.       Fri.       Sat       Total   
Wk 1      BW BW BW BW BW   Off  3 hrs-4.5 hrs.
Wk 2      BW  Cross Training BW  CT BW   Off  1.5hrs.
Wk 3      BW  Cross Training BW  CT BW   Off  1.5hrs.
Wk 4      1 mile  Cross Training BW  CT 1 miles   Off  1 mls.
Wk 5      2 mls.  Cross Training BW  CT 1 mile   Off  3 mls.
Wk 6      2 mls.  Cross Training 1 miles  BW 1 mile   Off  4 mls.
Wk 7      3.1 mls.  Cross Training BW  CT 1 mile   Off  4.1 mls.
Wk 8      4 mls.  Cross Training 1 miles  BW BW   Off  5.0 mls.
Wk 9      3.1 mls.  Cross Training 2 miles  CT 1 mile   Off  6.1 mls.
Wk 10      4.0 mls.  Cross Training 2 miles  CT 1 mile   Off  7 mls.
Wk 11      5 mls.  Cross Training 2 miles  CT 1 miles   Off  8 mls.
Wk 12      5 mls.  Cross Training 2 miles  CT 2 miles   Off  9 mls.
Wk 13      6 mls.  Cross Training 2 miles  CT 1 mile   Off  9 mls.
Wk 14      7 mls.  Cross Training 2 miles  CT 1 mile   Off  10 mls.
Wk 15      4 mls.  Cross Training 2 miles  CT 1 mile   Off  7 mls.
Wk 16     Race Day  Cross Training 3 miles  CT 1 miles   Off  10.2 mls.

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