Intermediate 5k Running Training Schedule

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Clever joggers do 5k running before racing. The 5ks are a chance for you to see how far you have come. You will want to push yourself. For that you need to train.

Really, if you have already run 5k in training, you can sign up. Anything you have done before you can do again. But, we want to do more than just finish. We want to do well for our fitness level.

If you need a how to start running training program, click here.

This schedule is for the joggers that already jog 2 to 3 days per week. The goal is to build up endurance. Without endurance backing up your speed–you will quickly fade. To put it another way…

You need to run farther to run faster.

The stamina will allow your speed to increase without actual “speed work.”

5K Running Schedule

Week    Distance Run/Jog       Stairs       Jog       Stairs       Jog       Walk       Stairs   
1st week     2.5 miles  30 min. 1 mile  30 min. 1 mile 45-60 min.  30 min.
2nd week     3.0 miles  30 min. 1 mile  30 min. 2 miles 45-60 min.  30 min.
3rd week     3.0 miles  30 min. 2 miles  30 min. 2 miles 45-60 min.  30 min.
4th week     4 miles  30 min. 2 miles  30 min. 2 miles 45-60 min.  30 min.
5th & 6th week     5 miles  30 min. 2 miles  30 min. 2 miles 45-60 min.  30 min.
Race Week     2 miles  30 min. 1 mile  30 min. 45min. walk Off Day.  5K race

Optional: You can run 8 minutes intervals with 1 minute walk break to complete the distance runs. It is better to use the walk breaks for the 5 mile runs. We are going for endurance building with these jogging exercises.

Optional: If desired or your schedule is tight, you can take your walking day off. Your body is designed to be worked for periods each day, so taking a day off is entirely up to you.

Be flexible with this schedule. If you feel you are progressing well, great. If you are having a hard time of it, then back off a bit. You can always select another race. It is better to be undertrained than overtrained. Overtraining leads to injuries, poor performance and exhaustion.

This schedule brings you up to 5 miles. It is my experience that if I do 5 miles in my 5k training–the race is easier and with a better time.

Above all, have a good time and enjoy the event. You have completed a jogging milestone with your first 5k.

Find out how running a 5k can improve your race performance in longer distances.

Ready for 5k races? Then read these tips for the newbie before race day.

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