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“You are as alive as you can enjoy living.”
Doris wall climbing

This page is about me, Doris Temple, the author/publisher behind I am over 50, married for over 20 years and step-mom of 3. I realize that for the kind of lifestyle I want to live, I need to be fit and healthy.

I want to jump in and live life like I mean it. I want to be able to spring into a jog at any time. I want to be able to dance and jump or even climb a wall. (That's me in the photo on the right.) I am a running/jogging enthusiast since the age of 16. I learned by reading the works of runners and by doing. Life makes a great, if not somewhat brutal teacher.

My nursing school education is always there when I evaluate new training methods, published research or just a fellow runner’s wacky idea. I created this site to impart my wisdom and experience. It is my intention to effect a resurgence or jogging revival among the over 50 women. For me, jogging is a really good game.

She always asked, “Can you come out and play?”

Exercise or physical activity was always something that had to peak my interest. For me, it also had to be fun. I remember skipping rope as a child. My friend and I played double Dutch, probably 8 hours a day that one summer. We didn’t think we were exercising. We didn’t think about it at all one-way or the other. We were just playing a game. It was fun!

Who pledges like that!

Then I signed up for the Walkathon, a 24-mile event. I gathered my sponsors. My Dad was first. He filled out the sponsorship pledging 1cent/mile for 20 miles and then $5/mile for each of the last four miles. My Uncles saw his pledge and followed suit. All my fund raising efforts had huge payoff as long as I finished the event. Unbeknownst to me, no one expected me, a 12-year-old girl to finish.

I did it! It took over 8 hours, but I did it. I was so proud. That was my first experience with distance events. My father credited my endurance to my skipping.

Eventually, I decided I was too old for skipping and entered a sedentary period. Phys Ed and I were not friends. I have always demanded that I am the one that decides what I am going to do and how much too when it comes to games of sport. It is just not very sporting to make it mandatory. I kept true to my conviction and did not exercise again until I aged out of mandatory Physical Education in high school.

"What was that about?"

At 14 years old, I was struck by a car while walking home from the town library. The sidewalks were impassible because of deep snow and that is why I was walking facing traffic on the road.

My body flew 10 feet through the air, over a snow bank and landed on the snow covered sidewalk. I even recall turning my head as my body propelled through the air to see what just happened. The impact was significant. I had a hairline fracture of my tailbone. The next day I woke up and my entire body was one big bruise. I could barely move and no one could touch me either without pain.

In short, I recovered.

Where's Doris? ...Running


During my Junior year in high school, a Senior invited me to come out to x-country practice. I ran the 2½-mile course needing to stop and walk several times. The coach was impressed with my persistence on my first time out and invited me to join the seniors on the cross-country team.

I needed to up my cardiovascular endurance even more now. The seniors competed at a distance of 4 miles. From there I just kept running farther and farther. I was jogging a lot. Early in the morning, after school, even in class spares―I ran. My final year, I ran the Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth, Minnesota.  Even all those years ago, this was a well-organized event.

Then I went to college and ran when I could. As a young adult, I became more sedentary. Married and divorced young, picking up working out in my late 20’s. Then one day, I recall it vividly. It was a March 4th; the first signs of Spring were appearing. The sky was blue, the snow was melting and that is when I just got the urge to run. So I did. I liked it.

I ran three more marathons since then. Now at 50 plus, I realize that I love running. Even if now my pace is more like a jogging one, I want to be able to do it for the rest of my life. This means I can never compromise my ultimate goal of life-long healthy jogger for any short-term gain.

Who is running things around here anyway?

I have become the “General” that rallies the “troops.” What I say goes, no back flak. Just like the General or Commanding Officer oversees the entire operation, I learned that I must do the same thing and be the one that controls my body.

The alternative would be like watching a poorly run cardio class with all the whimpering and whines. “I have to go to the bathroom.” “How much further?”  “I’m thirsty” or even “Why am I doing this?” All the whimpering is the body’s attempt to exert control over you. Oh no, that does not work anymore. The Commanding Officer (CO) is on duty.

Truth be told, your body wants and needs to be worked for a period everyday to function its best. There is nothing like jogging to “get the troops in line,” ready and willing to follow your orders. I love the feeling of conquering the physical universe. That feeling of being able to go and go despite obstacles is euphoric in itself. I invite you to join me.

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