Alkaline Forming Foods
Speed Your Race Recovery

Alkaline forming foods are foods that are or become alkaline when ingested. By eating these foods after a long run or race, you can speed the clearing of lactic acid from your muscles.

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Your body wants to keep an alkaline to acidic balance. When jogging long distances or racing, your body builds up lactic acid in your muscles. Anaerobic metabolism is why you have those sore muscles.  When in a healthy condition, you need to be eating 60% alkaline foods.

It is likely that your normal diet exceeds the 40% acid forming foods when you consider the following are all acid forming foods:

5K racing
  • Meats
  • Fowl
  • Fish
  • Coffee
  • Alcohol
  • Condiments
  • Dressings
  • Preserves
  • Mayonnaise
  • Flavorings

By maintaining the above foods in your diet, you prolong recovery because the body already has to handle the acid formed by these foods. Instead, by simply eating more of the foods shown below after your run, you reduce the amount of time it takes your body to clear out the lactic acid from your muscles.

Alkaline & Alkaline Forming Foods

Fruits    Vegetables       Other   
Apples     Potatoes  Yogurt
Apricots     Egg plant  Buttermilk
Bananas     Lettuce  Raw milk
Grapes     Turnip  Almonds
Grapefruits (alkaline forming when eaten alone)     Cuccumber  Egg yolks
Oranges (alkaline forming when eaten alone)     Spinach  Green Tea
Nectarines     Leeks  Herbal Tea
Peaches     Sprouts  Chinese Tea
Raisins     Kale  
    Ripe Tomatoes  

bowl of vegetables

This means that by incorporating more of the alkaline forming foods and limiting the acid forming foods following your more intense workouts you can actually be ready for your next jog sooner. You might even say you are fueling your own recovery.

Do you want to see if alkaline foods would make you a better jogger? We all know vegetables are good for us, but have you ever thought of it from the viewpoint of the acidity of foods? Challenge yourself to eat more of these foods and actually notice if you experience a change in both running performance and ease of accomplishment.


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