Using Anaerobic Metabolism To Increase Fitness

Anaerobic metabolism occurs during anaerobic exercise when oxygen uptake is insufficient for aerobic metabolism. Energy production for use is less effective than lighter workouts, yet can be used to increase fitness.

Normally, the energy required for moderate exercise is from glycogen stores in your muscles. Aerobic metabolism is used for as long as possible; supporting you through your longer training runs provided you maintain a comfortable pace.

The glycogen metabolism in an anaerobic state is only 8% as effective as in aerobic glycogen metabolism. Meaning that if you are running hard, the energy available to you is a mere fraction of what would be available at a slower pace. Not only that, high levels of your glycogen stores are consumed and copious amounts of lactic acid produced.

This form of metabolism is triggered when your running intensity exceeds 70% of your maximum oxygen uptake. As you increase your workout intensity or power needed, you breathe harder and your heart rate increases to get enough oxygen for aerobic metabolism.

Eventually, you reach your maximum. At which point this metabolism takes over. Fast speeds can be maintained for short periods. Best used in speed training and for that final kick at the end of a race.

Using Anaerobic Metabolism In Training

  1. This is not how to start running, always do a warm up jog before going flat out.

  2. The majority of your training should be at a comfortable jogging pace. First, you build endurance, and then you can work on speed.

  3. Your maximum oxygen uptake increases naturally with training. However, by including random bursts of high intensity running during your jogs, you increase your capabilities. Start with no more than 10% of your jogs at a high intensity, with the remaining workouts using aerobic metabolism, and then build from there.

  4. Including anaerobic exercise in workouts increases pulmonary-cardiac function, meaning your training will be easier as your fitness increases.

  5. Use to increase your fatigue threshold.

  6. This can be used for short distances because of glycogen depletion and muscle fatigue.

  7. Causes a surge of lactic acid build up in muscles leading to sore quadriceps, therefore, schedule intensive workouts to allow for recovery time.

  8. You can reduce your recovery time by eating alkaline forming foods to help counter the acidity produced from anaerobic energy production and use.


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