Jogging: The Better Antiaging Exercise For Women

Antiaging exercise must target the body’s ability of take-in (uptake) and utilize oxygen to be effective. This is the one secret to longevity jogging demonstrates. Let’s find out why slow running can make you look years younger.

jogging antiaging exercise

Want to look younger and look great? Me too.

The anti-aging exercise of jogging is a viable solution. Let’s look at the facts first:

  • Active people live longer
  • Active people have more energy to enjoy life
  • Active women look younger than their non-active counter parts
  • Active people have fewer complaints of health conditions

Nevertheless, why are some exercises so effective at anti-aging?

We know that exercise and particularly jogging increases life expectancy and decreases risks of numerous diseases. The Copenhagen Heart study included about 20,000 participants since its inception in 1976 is perhaps the most comprehensive study.

Antiaging Exercise: Why Jogging Works So Well

There has to be a reason “why.” I mean a basic undeniable physiological explanation as to why jogging is so effective in longevity and quality of life.

I believe there is. That reason is simply how well or effectively the body can uptake and utilize oxygen is the key to anti-aging and longevity.

Diets vary among people. Activity levels vary too. Basic health conditions also vary. Whether or not people take supplements is a variable too.

Nevertheless, there is one thing that every cell in your body needs. Without it, the cells die.


All other variables of diet, race, health are explained when you get right down to the basic constant for everybody.

Athletes have been training with this secret in mind, the better use of oxygen. Athletes have long known that if they train at altitudes and compete at sea level their performance improves. At altitudes, the body creates more hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is the blood component that carries oxygen to the cells.

By training at altitudes, they increase this blood component. Then when competing at lower levels within a 3-week period, they benefit with increased oxygen to their cells.

We do not need to go to the same extremes to benefit. Antiaging exercise needs to specifically target your body’s ability to take in and deliver oxygen to your cells. Jogging fits the bill nicely. It is not too strenuous as to cause oxygen depletion. Your jogging speed is at a comfortable average pace whatever that may be for you, to gain anti-aging benefits.

Jogging increases your heart and lung capacity. More of the cells of your body are getting oxygenated by those deep breaths you take when slow running. Well-oxygenated cells function better. This just so happens to be the real reason your jogging works for antiaging. You are increasing your oxygen delivery to every cell of your body, including your younger looking complexion.

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