Jogging Athletic Bra
Friend or Foe?

Jogging is a high impact sport that is best served by the athletic bra. The running or jogging bra designs are for motion control and comfort. First, we will determine if you need one. Then I will give you five checks to look for best fit.

Do You Need an Athletic Bra?

Do you already own a comfortable sports wear brassiere?

If you answered yes, then that is what you can use to start jogging. At this point, you do not yet have a comparison to judge the athletic support you will need for jogging. You will have to get out there and go for a jog to determine if your sports bra is suitable.

If all you own are support bras that lift or have under wires, you will be more comfortable with a jogging bra.

The larger your cup size the more benefit you will get from a proper fitting jogging bra. I do wear a running bra now when I jog. However, when I started running at 16 years old, I did not wear a bra on most of my runs.

A compression undershirt held things enough and protected from friction. I was a 34 b-cup size at the time. There was no pull and bounce of my breasts as I ran.

What to Check For When Choosing Your Running Bra

  1. Overwhelmingly the first priority is comfort. If you do not feel comfortable then you are likely to just leave it in the drawer. I have a drawer cluttered with ill-fitting bras that I avoid wearing.

  2. The bras that fit provide enough compression to hold things in place. You want to be able to easily slide two fingers underneath the bra. Too tight and you will feel like you are fighting to take every breath. Your rib cage should be able to move without restriction so that you can take deep breaths.

  3. The exercise bra should be a wireless bra. Women’s fitness wear usually is, but I want to make sure you don’t end up getting jabbed.

  4. Your athletic bra needs to allow for movement of your arms. The strap that goes over your shoulders can be too tight. This can cause pressure on your pectoral muscles, the muscles in your chest. Adjust the straps for best fit.

  5. Ease of getting it on is also worth considering. Most of the exercise bras require that they be pulled on over your head. Can you get the bra on and off? If you have a lot of difficulty in the fitting room, imagine how much trouble it will be when it is wet with perspiration.

The last running bra that I purchased was a C cup bra. I went through all the above checks and needed to go up one-cup size to ensure that my breathing was not restricted as I jog. Here is a surprise…

You will know you have the best athletic bra if you find yourself wanting to wear it even when you are not jogging. Well done!

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