11 Benefits To Exercise For Women 50 Plus

Every age group benefits from exercise. Yet the benefits to exercise for the over 50 woman are even more significant. See why exercises for women are essential to your lifestyle and health in your new prime years.

Your body is a working machine, it is meant to be worked a period every day to function at its best. An easy healthy diet in tandem with the benefits to exercise will significantly and notably reduce unpleasant menopausal symptoms. This is because the body does work as a complete and integrated system. The endocrine system is easily affected by a poor diet, stress and other factors.

Your Expected Benefits To Exercise

  1. Improved endurance means you will be able to play with your grandchildren instead of watching. Life is a participation sport.

  2. Improved flexibility allows you to move your body to a greater range of motion reducing risk of injury and accidents. Being able to turn your head to check your blind spot while driving is always safer than relying on mirrors that offer a limited view.

  3. Increased basal metabolic rate means your body burns more calories even at rest. Exercise is able to do this for you. I know of no other method to increase metabolism throughout the day.

  4. Weight control for the menopause women is one of the benefits to exercise. Exercise helps to keep your metabolism, including your hormones, running optimally and is a requirement to a healthy BMI. Calculate your body mass index here.

  5. Improved muscle strength allows you to pick up your grand-kids. The old saw: “If you don’t use it, you lose it,” is true with your muscles. You can avoid getting those sagging, flapping arms like your mom has (sorry mom).

  6. Reduced risk of bone loss and osteoporosis go hand-in-hand with exercise and jogging. As I said earlier, your body needs to be worked. Exercise keeps your body running as a team unit. It provides gentle pull on the tendons, which in turn acts to stimulate bone activity.

  7. Improved mood is expected as well. Exercise and depression have an empirical relationship. No drugs, just improved sense of self means your family will have the real you around for a long time.

  8. Reduced risk of disease including:
    •    Heart attack
    •    Stroke
    •    High blood pressure
    •    Diabetes
    •    Arthritis
    •    Metabolic syndrome
    •    Cancer
    •    Auto-immune disorders

  9. Longer life directly attributable to a well-functioning body and a happier you are benefits to exercise.

  10. Look younger than your inactive counter parts. Who doesn’t crack a smile when someone guesses her age younger by 10 or more years? Jogging is an antiaging exercise. It has been hypothesized that aging is directly related to the body’s ability to utilize oxygen. The relationship between oxygen utilization and performance is already well established in sports. Just notice the difference in breathing patterns between the various finishers and you can see how oxygen utilization comes into play.

  11. You become the author of your own future. You accent on your abilities and so rise up and your limitations just seem to fade into the background. Whereas your inactive counter parts seem to have constantly mounting complaints. They are kind of like a pinball bouncing off of pins. The pinball lacks any control or direction to where it will end up, it is total effect of the environment.

I will leave you with two key datums:

Accent on ability to author your future.

Focus on limitations and watch those limitations mount up.

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