How To Choose The Best Running Shoes

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Choosing the best running shoes for jogging is easier when you select based on your running style, following these steps. Quality is found in the sport specific shoes so your task is to decide between neutral, stability or motion control shoes.

An entirely personal approach is the way to go. After all, you are the one who is wearing the shoes. You can determine a few things before heading to the store.

First, by knowing your level of pronation, you will have a better grasp of what you need. Watch this video on overpronation and do the three simple tests, then come back here.

Selecting Your Best Running Shoes

selecting best running shoes
  1. The first time you pick jogging shoes is best done in person at a running specialty store. You want a wide selection of shoes specific to the sport of running. Although sporting goods stores carry plenty of shoes for a variety of sports, this amount of selection can create confusion and mis-selection of shoes. Running shoes online can save you money after you are experienced and know what you need.

  2. Be prepared to spend about 45 minutes in the running store. You will be trying on several pairs of shoes and comparing their feel and form.

  3. It is helpful to take your current running shoes with you. The salesperson can help with your selection by viewing the wear pattern and discussing your satisfaction or dissatisfaction with them.

  4. Welcome the salesperson’s offer to help. Most specialty running stores employ only runners in the role of salesperson. Their expertise and guidance will help to ensure you get the best running shoes.

  5. Be sure to bring your jogging socks with you or buy a pair in the store. You want to try on the jogging shoes with the socks to get the right fit. This does make a difference in reducing the risk of blisters from an incorrect shoe-to-sock fit.

  6. Bring your orthotics or running shoe inserts with you. If you plan on running with them, then you should try them on with the shoes at time of shoe purchase.

  7. Allow the salesperson to measure your feet for both length and width even if you think you know your size. Running strengthens your feet and thus tends to spread and lengthen them too.

  8. The salesperson is sure to ask you questions about your running. Length of time you have been jogging, distances run, number of times per week you jog. Even if you have had running injuries and your plans for racing all are facts that can help direct you to the best running shoes for you.

  9. A nomenclature goes with shoes. It can sound very techy and confusing to you if you don’t understand the words used. If the salesperson says something you do not understand, be sure to have them clarify it. Good salespeople can communicate the shoe technology at a level of understanding for their customers.

  10. Be prepared to spend $90 to $120 on a good pair of shoes. Neutral runners can expect to spend less and have a wider choice of selection. Whereas, heavier runners will need extra cushioning in addition to correcting any gate issues noted. The more techie the shoe, the more they cost.

  11. Try on a wide variety of shoes of different brands and styles. It is a competitive market and all brands make quality shoes. You want the pair that is “just right.” Not every shoe is identical. So if you find a shoe that has a seam or a rub that is in the wrong place and you like the shoe otherwise, then ask for a different pair of the same make and style.

  12. Walk around in the shoes. Take a short jog outside if permitted. Do not settle. If you think you can break them in―you will find your feet do the “breaking in,” leaving you with blisters or a black toenail.

  13. As a safety net, ask about the stores return policy. This is for peace of mind because really you will be choosing your best running shoes―right.

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