Best Cross Training Workouts For Runners

Cross training workouts can improve your running performance. These four exercise workouts are ideal for the 50 plus woman to increase her endurance, muscle strength and power.

Why Do Cross Training When I Am A Runner?

The purposes of additional workouts for joggers or runners are:

  1. To add strength and endurance in non-running activities.

  2. To maintain fitness levels when you cannot run because of running injuries or your location.

  3. To utilize different muscle groups than you do with jogging.

  4. To keep your interest high by adding diversity to your training.

  5. To acquire and maintain a well-rounded fitness level.

Some Sports Are Better Than Others

Not all sports are created equal.  Football, for instance has a high injury risk factor. Even golf can pull, stretch and injure muscles. These sports can be played well and safely, but they do require a high fitness level first. The fitter you are the less likely you will hurt yourself.

Cross training workouts for runners can be used now and as you increase your fitness. See here what it means to be fit.

Swimming is all wet

When I say swimming is a good workout, I mean the actual activity. Jumping in the water and splashing around a bit is fun, but it cannot be considered a training exercise.

With this sport, you use your arms and legs in a cardiorespiratory workout. Start with 20 minutes of pool time and work your way up to laps for the entire time. From there, you can increase to 30-45 minutes as you improve.

Master the stairs

You may not think of stairs as a good workout having spent much of your time avoiding them. This exercise will increase your quadriceps, making your upper leg muscles better able to maintain knee stability. A major cause of knee pain actually is a result of weak supporting muscles, which cause too much strain on the knee.

Find yourself a set of stairs and go up and down for ½ an hour. You can take rest breaks as needed, but keep walking and then get back at it

Doing stairs increases endurance, muscle strength and tone. It is an excellent way to tone up your buttocks. You will notice this benefit from the fit of your jeans.

Up, up and over that hill

A hill workout has much the same benefits of stairs for leg strength. Find the steepest hill you can for best results. Walk up and downhill for 30 minutes. Please note that the effectiveness of this routine is limited by the slopes incline so you need a steep hill.


cross training workouts rock climbing

This sport benefits your heart, lung endurance and leg strength. It can be a family activity too getting everyone involved. Here I will say that you need to peddle to get a good workout. Spending a lot of time gliding along is not effective physical exercise.

You can select other activities to use on your cross training days. Here I am enjoying rock climbing. The best ones give you an active workout, count towards your training and have a low risk of injury.

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