Finding Hope: Jogging’s Solution to Exercise and Depression

Can you do anything about how you feel? With jogging, exercise and depression says you can. First, find out what depression is and how hope relates.

Depression is characterized by strong feelings of sadness. Apathy sets in. It demonstrates that an individual has lost any hope of doing anything to change her situation.

Being happy or sad, angry or contented, are normal human emotions. A sane person can move about the emotions easily. She experiences several different emotions in any given day.

She sees her cat sneak a treat and may find humor in it. She stubs her toe and feels pain. Her kids leave a mess in the kitchen for her to clean up and she may feel anger.

You feel appropriate emotions for the current situation. You get bad news and feel sad. You work towards a goal and feel happy. Now if the emotions did not fit the situation that is entirely different. If you saw a person laughing as they pass hi-way carnage, you would think there was something wrong with that person.

Unlike the drug company’s idea that depression is a disease, it is not. You do not have a deficiency of any drug causing you to be overwhelmed with sadness. They have managed to create themselves a money tree with this misconception.

Have you ever felt so sad or apathetic that you just sat like a bump on a log? Any movement required effort you did not have or didn’t want to have.

How Exercise and Depression Relate

Extraverting with joggingJogging allows you to extravert from your day's activities

You see exercise is action. It is movement. You move the body’s position in space. This is operating at a higher emotion than apathy.

To move you have hope you can change things. You see it is true as you change the position of your body.

Jogging is an excellent exercise and depression solution. When jogging you not only are in action, you also can look at things. Thus taking your thoughts off what is inside your head.

By looking at things on your running route, you are extroverting. Which is to say, you are taking your attention off yourself and how bad it all is and are putting it out into the environment around you. I find that it really does not matter how far I go jogging, if I am light jogging or running hard, this getting the body moving and extroverting always produces favorable results in how I feel about me. I have found hope and solutions jogging in the morning.

Try it. Get your body moving, go jogging, and look at your surroundings. You just cannot be apathetically depressed and in motion at the same time. To some degree, you will feel improved emotionally.

Before you know it, the jogging solution of exercise and depression will have you seeing that perhaps there is a solution. It is this hope that moves you out of depression.

The action of jogging just helps you see it for it was always there. Every problem does have a solution. The trick sometimes is seeing it.

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