8 Everyday Fitness Motivation Tips

Fitness motivation can wane after a few weeks. Keeping your zeal alive is possible. These tips will get you back to your fitness goals ready to accomplish their end.

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  1. Set a specific goal.
    “I want to be fit,” is not specific. How would you measure it? Now, “I want to drop 2 dress sizes,” or even “I want to run a 5K with my daughter,” are measurable, realistic, specific and doable goals. A specific goal can be broken down into doable targets where each is accomplished for the desired result.
    Set a new goal before you finalize your current goal. This is a mistake we tend to make; we reach a goal without anything left to look forward to next. So instead of enjoying the accomplishment and moving forward, we are left with a bit of a “let-down” as if there is nothing left. Move from one goal right onto the next to keep your fitness motivation running strong.

  2. Honor your commitments.
    You are always making it to your appointments. You do not want to let down the team. Well, have you agreed with yourself that you will workout 3-5 times per week? Ok then, this is a commitment and you do honor your commitments, particularly to those you respect.

  3. Schedule yourself in.
    Making time for yourself may not be what you are used to doing. Start with three time slots per week of ½ hour each. Be productive and relish the sense of accomplishment and sense of self-confidence.

  4. Accent on your abilities.
    What can you do well? What have you been successful at doing? By putting your attention on your abilities, you will be ignoring your less favorable traits. As a result, your winning attitude will shine and the other stuff will just fade away.

  5. Find or create your perfect environment.
    If you go to the gym, then shop around for the facilities that will keep you going. For me, a steam sauna is a favorite post workout reward. Maybe for you, it is finding the best running trails nearby.

  6. Plan your workout ahead of time.
    Plan your jogging route to take in new, unexplored neighbourhoods. Alternatively, for non-running days, decide if you will be cycling or swimming. The change in activity works not only fitness motivation, but also changes up the muscles used.

  7. Find a workout or jogging friend.
    With similar abilities, you both benefit from the accountability, as you are certain to want to help your friend meet her goals.

  8. Reward yourself for milestones you meet.
    As you progress towards your fitness or weight loss goals, you will hit little milestones that mark your progress. Like for instance, the first time you jog 5k without stopping. You are training your body and getting some self esteem training to boot.
    Mark these accomplishments with a pleasing reward. Perhaps a movie or a trip to the beach to mark the occasion. But, avoid food rewards―these tend to be over emphasized.

For further info on lifestyle changes, read Healthy Lifestyle Tips.

These are the motivation tips, read Motivation To Exercise In 7 Steps to get you going again when you are missing your oomph.

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