The Proven Secret To Get Fit Now

The proven secret of how to get fit now is based on the rule that you get what you put your attention on. The entire mystery of getting fit is solved when you accent on ability. In fact, accent on ability is how to improve any quality you have or wish to heighten.

As an example, take the child that is constantly told she has unkempt hair and she looks sloppy. You can bet your bottom dollar that the negative attention she gets reinforces this behavior. You put a lot of attention on bad behavior; you will get bad behavior or appearance as in this example. Yet if you highlighted what is right with the girl, you would see greater ability and a happier child.

Have you ever noticed that that is how things work: You will get what you put your attention on. You want to improve your spelling, then focus on your good spelling. You want to get fit now, well then you need to focus on the abilities you do have currently. Build on these abilities and you will increase your fitness level.

Even if you haven’t ran since high school, there is a fitness workout program to guide you. Now let’s put this principle into practice with your fitness goals. There are six areas of fitness to be considered fit. These are…

Get Fit Now Fitness Requirements to Aim Toward

Get fit nowGetting fit begins with a decision to just Start.
  1. Endurance is directly related to your heart and lung capabilities. Your endurance is easy to increase with exercise walking. Start with what you can do and build on that each day.

  2. Muscle strength is the power your muscles are able to exert. The simple action of walking will increase the strength of leg muscles in the inactive person. So again, taking a walk is a good starting point. Then when you are ready, there is running for beginners.

  3. Muscle endurance is measured as the length of time the muscles can be actively used without reaching exhaustion. This ability is related to muscle strength, tone and also your heart and lung endurance. Your muscle endurance is an ability that will increase continually as you increase distance or go from walking to jogging to running.

  4. Muscle flexibility is the range of motion that your muscles will allow freely. Inactive muscles tend to shorten, thus reducing ability. With running exercises, you will increase your flexibility and reduce risk of running injuries.

  5. To get fit now you must remain injury free. Thus being injury free is a requirement of fitness. You certainly wouldn’t consider a hockey player fit that is on the disabled list, would you?

  6. Nutrition plays an important role in your strive to getting fit. The body acts like a machine. A machine needs fuel, lubricant, and various fluids to run. Well, your body needs protein, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. Get started eating the right foods with an easy healthy diet. You bring the drive to get fit, but fitness motivation does not build muscle strength and endurance alone.

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