How To Get Fit
The Requirements For Fitness

How to get fit in today’s busy world is answered by looking at the six areas of fitness and applying a gradient scale to return to fitness. To consider yourself fit you should have achieved an all-around fitness level that can keep you active for years to come.

How to get fit

You also need to work at keeping fit too. Just as you gradually build up your fitness, so your fitness will gradually decrease when you reduce your physical activity level. Winter running can have you physically fit for spring while increasing your aptitude to handle tougher conditions.

Requirements For Fitness

  1. Muscle Strength
  2. Muscle Flexibility
  3. Muscle Endurance
  4. Heart and Lung Endurance
  5. Remain Injury Free
  6. Superior nutrition

Muscle Strength Moves You

muscle strength

You need muscle strength for just about everything you do. For instance, just standing up straight requires strength in your back and abdominal muscles, legs and feet. Then there are the little things that allow for easier living. Being able to lift a pot off the stove to drain the water is just one example.

Jogging is a great workout for some of your leg muscles. Your quadriceps get a good workout, but your hamstrings need some cross training exercise to maintain an equilibrium between these two muscle groups to avoid jogging injuries.

Muscle Flexibility: Bending In All The Right Places

Having muscle flexibility allows for full range of motion of joints and full movement of the body. It also supplies protection against minor runner injuries. By having muscle flexibility when jogging, you can handle varying terrains with little risk of hurting yourself. You can run trails and your ankles will be able to move preventing those nasty sprains as you hit a stone or grass covered lump of dirt.

Muscle Endurance So You Can Last

Muscle endurance is different from strength and flexibility. What you develop here is the length of time you can use your muscles without reaching muscle exhaustion.

Take push-ups for instance, strength is needed to do even one. By building up to 20, you are building muscle endurance as well as the strength. Having the strength and muscle endurance to lift yourself is part of how to get fit. I can think of no reason why a healthy woman should not be able to lift her own body weight. Can you?

Heart and Lung Endurance

The heart and lungs are the organs that supply the oxygen and energy via blood supply for your jogging. What is cardiovascular endurance? Building up endurance is the stepping stone needed to go from a 5K to a 10k.

You build this endurance up gradually by increasing your walking or jogging in small increments. This is known as using a gradient. Applying just a little bit more distance, time or effort until you are able to accomplish the desired goal is the principle of gradients. A gradient is a method you can also use in any area of your life when you want to be able to accomplish more.

The gradual increase in distances also prevents you from hurting yourself. Doing too much too soon is a common runner ailment. You see, your cardiovascular fitness program can quickly adapt your heart and lungs to an increased workload. You will notice that you don't breath quite so hard, your heart rate improves, your aerobic metabolism also improves to a higher threshold and less of your running is using anaerobic metabolism. But still, it is the rest of your body that needs the extra time to adapt while building strength and endurance.

How To Get Fit - Remain Injury Free Or Kiss Fitness Goodbye

How to get fit is not possible if you do not remain injury free. Say I failed to apply a gradient to my training and went out feeling great to run 5k, but decided to make it 10k. Then the next day, I could hardly walk because my knees, ankles and feet hurt. Sure, I ran 10K, but would you consider that I was fit?

Fitness must include that you can participate in physical activity at will without overuse injuries.

Superior Nutrition Is Now Needed

The work you expect your body to do is supported by eating healthy foods. Superior nutrition is required because your nutritional requirements just cannot be met by consuming prepackaged processed foods. As much as advertisers promote their home cooked style meals, these foods are produced in a factory. They have added chemicals for taste, preservation and to trigger cravings.

Eating foods with the least amount of processing contain the most amounts of nutrients. Even cooking is a form of processing, something most people do not realize. We need to emphasis fresh fruits and vegetables and watch our portion sizes.

Portion sizes are my personal little demon. I do not need to eat an 8oz steak to get the protein needed for my body size and activity level. By selecting my butcher meat and then freezing in appropriate portion sizes, I can keep a handle on this demon. I then make a huge salad with an apple cider vinegar and olive oil dressing to fill in the gaps.

To achieve the full benefits of jogging, you need to include all six of the above points. After all, “How to get fit?,” must consider all of your capabilities and strive to excel in each area.

Next step, find out how to start running jogging.

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