Choosing Jogging Shoes In 11 Steps

The jogging shoes you select can determine your enjoyment and success with beginning jogging. Do you go with cheap running shoes and see if you like running? This is a bad idea.

Cheap jogging shoes make their price point by their design, material and labor costs. Despite being running shoes, they really are not intended for running miles.

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A Tough Lesson Learned

Here is an example of the damage cheap shoes can do…

Over 25 years ago, I got a job as a server. I did not know if I would like the job and so didn't want to spend a lot of money on the shoes. I went for the $9 pair from a department store.

They looked fine. There was no plainly obvious difference to the pricier shoes.

In one shift, my feet hurt so badly that I cried myself to sleep that night. As I marathon runner, I should have known better. Not even 26.2 miles caused this amount of foot and heel pain. I did not end up keeping the job past the first day.

Please do not make the same mistake I did. Select the best jogging shoes for your needs before you go jogging. I'll show you how...

From The Knee Down

According to chiropractor, Dr. Keith Jeffers, 75% of all runners’ injuries occur at or below the knee.

Shoes, running form, running surface, distance all play a role. Selecting a good pair of jogging shoes for your form and the surface you will be jogging on can help you avoid knee pain, heel pain, plantar fasciitis and even lower back pain from running.

A good pair of running shoes can help to correct a gait problem. For instance, the rolling the foot too far inward with each step.

How to Select a Good Pair of Jogging Shoes

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  1. Determine what type of surface you will be doing most of your running on during your jogs.

  2. Determine if you have any gait issues needing correcting. Check this by looking at the soles of a pair of your shoes.

  3. Note the wear pattern. Are you wearing down the heal edges on one or both sides of the shoes?

  4. Look to see if the wear is evenly dispersed over the area where your foot would be. Watch a quick video tutorial on overpronation.

  5. For your first pair of jogging shoes I recommend going to a running specialty store. Runners' Choice®, Running Room® and Fleet Feet Sports® are just a few examples. Going to a store specializing in the sport means, you are not going to end up with a bad pair of running shoes.

  6. Jogging shoes are given an additional designation…
    •     Trial running shoes for running trails take into account the rough and uneven surfaces that you'll be going jogging on regularly.
    •     Minimalist shoes are shoes designed to give a barefoot feel.
    •     Cushioned shoes for heavier people or those who just want greater cushioning between their feet and the running surface are another option. These running shoes are very comfortable, but do weight a little more than the neutral shoes.
    •     Neutral running shoes are for people that don’t need actual corrective action from their shoes.
    •     Stability running shoes correct over and under pronation. These shoes stabilize the feet so your feet are less likely to roll inward or outward on landing.
  7. Take any orthotic inserts you wear with you. Put them in the shoes before trying them on. You may need to take the inner lining out to give your orthotics room.

  8. Check for the shoes flexibility. I always do this by bending the shoes between my two hands. Stabilizing shoes will have less give than neutral shoes.

  9. Stiff shoes can cause a strain in your foot muscle. The foot is trying to bend as you spring off, but the shoes do not have any give to them. Use your best judgement here. If you need the stability, you may need to select a different model shoe.

  10. You are going for the perfect fit leaving toe wiggle room. Any edges rubbing will not work. Ask for a different pair. The seams are not always identical.

  11. And most importantly... Do not think that you can break in your new shoes. Shoes are made with nylon, leather and plastics. The amount of give or stretch is limited. Avoid blisters by getting the right shoe with the right fit.

You can buy online running shoes and have them delivered. Read "Running Shoes Online" to find out how to bet the best fit.

The best running shoes will always be the shoes that are best suited to your running style and needs.

Have a favorite jogging shoe?

Do you get attached to your running shoes and keep them like trophies? What story are your shoes dying to tell? Do you have a tip or review about jogging shoes you love?

Your Favorite Jogging Shoes

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