Jogging Tips To Keep You In The Game

You want to get in there and enjoy life. To keep you in the game and running for years, here are nine jogging tips for the 50 plus woman.

  1. Jog every other day or 2-3x’s per week. Do other non-competitive physical activities on your off running days. This practice uses different muscle groups, reduces mental tension of the day and so contributes to overall health and fitness.

  2. Practice perceiving how your body is doing during jogs. You could call it “awareness”, but just as you can perceive when you are hot or thirsty, you can also perceive pain, stiffness or numbness. With this ability, you can prevent running injuries. Do not add to your workout when you still have muscle stiffness or soreness. This one of the jogging tips is key to being able to run for years to come.

  3. Jogging is a good game so keep it fun by varying your jogging routes in both distances and roads traveled. Inspire your running motivation by seeking out fun places to explore.

  4. Avoid back pain and stiffness or hip pain by maintaining flexibility and strength. If you cannot touch your finger tips to your toes, your hamstrings are shortened and you have tension. This needs your attention to prevent future back problems.

  5. To prevent injury, you need to warm-up before you use a running pace. A good warm-up has you slightly perspiring. So set out at a jogging pace until you sweat before cranking it up to a run. This may be a mile or more at a slow comfortable pace before you are ready for any kind of speed.

  6. Set yourself a target whether it is being able to run 5k or losing 10 lbs. in 2 months. A goal will add additional purpose to your workouts, provide you a means to gauge your progress and offers motivation.

  7. Keep a workout log to track your jogging and other workouts. I record:

    i)     Distance or activity done
    ii)    Time
    iii)    Pace
    iv)    Temperature and weather conditions
    v)     Route taken
    vi)    How I felt that is, level of difficulty

    This allows you to see your progress. It also offers a level of predict because you can go back and see what kind of training you did to place or not place in your age category. Then you can adjust your training schedule or know that you are keeping with what has already worked for you.

  8. Share your passion by jogging with a friend, relative or neighbor. You can run silently or share the day’s events, whichever you both prefer. You may even find you soon both share your own running tips. A buddy can aid both of you to get out there because we are less likely to disappoint another than ourselves.

  9. Stay healthy by eating right and taking supplements as needed. My doctor recommends Vitamin D to his menopausal patients. Check with your care provider to ensure you are meeting your needs for your active lifestyle.
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