How Women Jogging
Lose Stomach Fat Almost Effortlessly

Do you want to lose stomach fat? Abdominal fat has several possible causes. It can also be stubborn if you just target abdominal fat. Taking a whole body approach can show you how to lose weight quick.

Calories measure the potential energy in the food you eat. Like a candy bar has loads of potential energy in all those calories. When you eat more calories than you need, this extra energy gets stored as fat.

We know that one pound is equal to approximately 3500 calories. By reducing your calories by 3500 over a 4 day period means that you would lose one pound every 4 days. You can reduce your calories to lose stomach fat. You can also increase the amount of energy you burn in a day if you start jogging.

Of course, the best results occur when you reduce caloric intake and increase your energy output. Your body likes to keep things nicely in balance. You would not expect weight loss just on the right side of your body with the left side still budging out when you lose weight running. Good thing that doesn’t happen.

To lose stomach fat also means you will lose excess fat in other areas of your body; like your thighs, buttocks and hips. So losing stomach fat may seem slow, just look at the whole picture. See the difference in how your clothes feel.

As your fat belly reduces, your jogging clothes loosen but your stomach may still seem flabby to you. Your abdominal muscles are responsible to hold in your internal organs, offer mobility, as they are the counter muscles of your back. By toning your stomach muscles with running exercises, you can give yourself the advantage of improved mirror image while you work on getting a flatter stomach.

We talked about too many calories and not enough energy output in the form of exercise as causes of stomach fat. There is another cause.

The Hidden Causes of Stomach Fat

Many medications have the side effect of abdominal fat. Antidepressants not only cause abdominal weight gain, but also make it difficult to lose stomach fat. Sadly, this class of drug also has depression as a side effect. I believe there is a far better solution in exercise and depression. It uses no chemicals and can bring you back to feeling like yourself naturally.

Other hidden causes of stubborn fat loss are the numerous food additives found in processed foods. Aspartame is an artificial sweetener. People often use it as a way to reduce calories and control their weight. Would you be surprised to learn that aspartame has slow and steady weight gain as an adverse reaction or side effect? Avoid this ingredient.

Hydrogenated fats are used heavily in commercially baked goods. You can still enjoy an occasional cookie and lose stomach fat. Just avoid this ingredient when shopping or bake your own cookies using an alternative fat. I have used sour cream or safflower oil as a fat substitute in cookie recipes. It just may take a trial run before you get it to the correct moisture level for your liking. Avoid Crisco® as it is hydrogenated.

You can lose belly fat. I have gone down 3-4 pant sizes since starting my fitness workout program anew. The size varies depending on the make of the clothes. I have done this patiently. I do some sort of physical exercise every day. Losing weight jogging can take as little as 2-3 days a week. I go jogging two times per week. I did not over strain. The key is persistence and consistency.

Even when marathon training, I used jogging running as a fun activity. I do not subscribe to the “no pain, no gain” mindset. You don’t need to feel pain to lose stomach fat. A workout and a healthy diet to lose weight will do it.

Find out how to calculate your body mass index or use the BMI Table or calculator here.

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