Motivation To Exercise In 7 Steps
Now You Can Reach Any Goal Confidently

Sparking your motivation to exercise is the first step to any successful training plan. Find out how to get and stay motivated with these 6 steps.

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  1. Set yourself up with a goal. This will be the answer to the question, “Why am I doing this?” There has to be some purpose behind the effort you expend or you will continue to struggle with your motivation to exercise.

    A simple example of this: Consider you are on the couch reading and you get the idea a cup of coffee would be nice. You are comfortable the book is good. So why get up? Why put the effort into getting up, putting the coffee maker on and pouring the coffee. If you want the coffee, badly enough you will do the work necessary to have a coffee.

    Perhaps oversimplified, but the example illustrates if your desire is strong enough for the goal; you will put in the effort to achieve it. Therefore, ensure your goal is really the desired result you wish to achieve and you have most of the motivation problem licked.

  2. Work out a plan to achieve your goal. How many times a week will you exercise? How many running days per week will you do? Here is a 5K training plan you can use that includes jogging and off days.

  3. Actively get something done every day that is in line with your goal from Step 1. You have heard it said, “Production is the basis of morale.” You want to see just how true this can be then get a done. Accomplishment is a great motivation to exercise.

  4. Log each and every workout you do. Even include if you walk the dog for an hour or go cycling with friends. Each counts toward the attainment of your goal. Reviewing your log can show you how you are progressing and thus keep your workout motivation high.

  5. Wake up every morning with, “It is a great day for a run.” Or a workout, whatever the case may be for that day. Do this no matter the weather conditions, even if it is raining and gloomy and you aren't quite so chipper. After all, it is a great day for a run for no other reason than you said it was so. You may be surprised how this can ward off those negative thoughts even before they get hold of you. Try it and see if it works for you too.

  6. Spend some of your leisure time reading running quotes or running magazines. These can be powerful inspiration to exercise. Others words of wisdom or their running stories can feed your drive to achieve your goal.

  7. If you find your motivation to exercise fading, then get something done. Anything will do. Straighten up the living room or something. The important thing here is to do something and finish it. This action will find you doing more. Before you know it, you will think of your workout again. Now get that done too!
motivation to exercise

Set a goal

Work out a plan to reach your 5K start goal

Work out a plan to reach your goal.

get a target done towards your goal every day

Get a target done towards your goal everyday.

Cycling with friends counts as a workout too.

Every workout counts towards your goal.

Wake up with

"It's a great day for a run!"

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