Selecting Neutral Running Shoes For Normal Pronation

Neutral running shoes are for those with normal pronation. These jogging shoes offer a wider selection. Four steps to get your best running shoe.

Normal Pronation

Running shoes are grouped in 3 major categories:
•    Neutral shoes
•    Stability shoes
•    Motion control shoes

You can get a good idea if neutral running shoes are right for you by checking your wet footprint. It should look much like this drawing on the right.

If you need to check for overpronation or under pronation then you can watch this video explanation.

The neutral runner can select a shoe that has very little cushioning and support―referred to as the minimalist shoe. Minimalist shoes attempt to mimic barefoot running without actually running barefoot. A word of caution here: Because you would need to strengthen your feet and ankles first, I suggest the next option for those starting jogging.

Neutral jogging shoes with light cushioning have a comfort feel and offer flexibility. I check to ensure that the shoe has some bend or give to it. If the shoe is too rigid, I end up feeling a pull in the tendon running along the bottom of my feet, leading to plantar fasciitis symptoms.

Checking Your Shoes For Fit & Comfort

Go to a running store to be sure you are evaluating sport specific shoes. Besides, the staff are usually runners and can answer your question on a more personal level. When there, try on several pairs of shoes while making these checks:

  1. The fit needs to have some room for your feet to expand while running. Yet not be loose enough to have your foot sliding around leading to blisters, black toenail and other foot injuries. This action of your foot expanding and elongating is normal during running. Further, you can expect your shoe size to increase slightly over the years with increased miles run.

  2. Walk around in the shoes. How do they feel? Take a short jog if permitted to do so. Ensure your big toe does not push up against the upper mesh with each stride. This will save you getting black toenail down the road.

  3. Check the responsiveness of the neutral running shoes. Is there a give to the sole? The mid-sole is quite rigid in the motion control shoes, you should not need this level of foot protection. By the way, the neutral shoe is less expensive because it does not require as much material and technology incorporated into it. Bonus!

  4. How does your heel fit in the cradle? The positioning and fit in the heel can be as snug as you choose. I prefer a snug fit. I just don’t like the sensation that I might run right out of my running shoes.

The color of the shoes has no impact on its performance. With that said, I still want aesthetically pleasing shoes. So much in fact, that with all the above checks equal, I would certainly pick the prettier neutral running shoes. Since what we call “pretty” is entirely a personal consideration, it is no wonder that makers offer various colors for their popular models.

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