Jogging Plantar Fasciitis Exercises

The purpose of plantar fasciitis exercises are: 1. To assist recovery, 2. Increase foot strength and mobility, 3. Prevent re-occurrences.

Exercising and stretching should promote wellness. Therefore, never stretch to the point of pain or use bouncing movements.

The plantar fasciitis exercises below have helped me to cure my sore feet. Because you will be regaining your feet’s natural abilities that have been lost over many years, please be patient. I have never found an overnight fix. However, I can tell you that it need not be a permanent condition.

For best results, do these exercises barefoot. Click any image to view the exercises in the gallery.

1. Standing toe point
Simply point your toes in a standing position, changing from one foot to the other. An alternative method to lying down.

standing toe point

2. Tippy toe balance
Balancing high on your tippy toes will gently stretch the plantar fascia. This exercise also serves to increase ankle strength.

tippy toe balance

3. Tippy toe walking
Walk high on your tippy toes as an exercise.  Then when walking barefoot around the house practice landing your foot strike on the forefoot instead of the heel-to-toe.

tippy toe walking

4. Towel toe stretch
Sit with legs straight. Gently stretch the toes forward toward the knees with a towel. Hold and release.

towel toe stretch

5. Towel toe curl
Standing on a towel, curl your toes to grab the towel. As your flexibility and strength increase, pick up the towel with your toes as another exercise.

towel toe curl start
towel toe curl

6. Standing calf stretch
Having tight calf muscles is one of the plantar fasciitis symptoms, so this gentle stretching exercise with help with this condition too. Stand with hands against the wall and knees straight. Hold pose for a count of 10. Then repeat with knees bent to target specifically.

standing calf stretch
standing calf stretch knees bent

The following simple exercises can be done on the floor or while relaxing on the couch.

7. Toe forward curl
Stretch your feet out pointing the toes. Now curl your toes forward.

toe forward curl

8. Toe back curl
Flex your feet at the ankle toward the knees. Now curl your toes towards you as well.

toe back curl

9. Toe spreading
Spread your toes apart. You may find this easier to do in the standing position. I had to practice this to be able to get a little separation between my toes.

toe spreading
spread your toes

10. Foot rotation
Rotate your feet inwards, outwards and in a circular motion.

foot rotation inward
foot rotation outward

Learn more about plantar fasciitis treatments.

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