Causes & Relief For Back Pain From Jogging

Pain indicates non-optimal conditions. To obtain relief for back pain from jogging or running, you need to find the cause.  Then the solution will present itself. Back exercises for strength and flexibility prevent and relieve lower back pain. These exercises also serve as a test to see where your weaknesses exist.

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Jogging is a near perfect physical fitness activity. It relieves muscular tension from the day’s upsets and irritation. Those little irritants we experience daily like to nestle themselves in our muscles and build up as tension.

Let’s face it; if someone is annoying you, it is just not acceptable to smack them. Even though physiologically your body has armed itself ready for fight or flight, we have evolved and don’t respond as such. Add all these up over days, weeks and months and it is no wonder your muscles are tense. Not only does jogging help to relieve this tension, it also somehow can increase your tolerance of life’s little annoyances while providing a healthy cardiovascular workout.

Running is not the cause of most people’s back pain. An intense physical activity will bring to the forefront your muscular skeletal weakness. It is possible to get relief for back pain. I will show you what I mean.

Do This Back Fitness Test

  1. Lie flat on the floor with your hands clasp behind your neck, legs together and out straight. Now raise your legs 10 inches and hold for 10 seconds. Can you do it? If not, your hip flexors do not have sufficient strength.

  2. Can you sit up from a lying position with your hands clasped behind your head? Have someone hold your ankles. Keep your legs straight in this test too. You can also use a heavy piece of furniture to hold your legs if no one is around to help you.  Roll up into a sitting position. Do you pass this test? Here you are seeing if your stomach muscles and hip flexors together have the strength to handle and carry your own body’s weight.

  3. Now let’s test your stomach muscles. Do the same as above with this change. Have your knees bent this time with your heels closer to your butt. Where you able to do it? Your stomach muscles are part of the group of muscle that support your back muscles.

  4. Are your back muscles strong? Grab a pillow onto the floor. Lie on the pillow face down with the pillow under your stomach. Clasp your hands behind your neck. Have someone hold you steady by placing a hand in the small of your back and the other hand holding your ankles steady. Lift the top part of your body (your trunk) and hold for 10 seconds. Do not hyper extend your back as this is not a normal movement or activity.

  5. The next test is in the same position as previous test. Only this time we are testing your lower back muscles by lifting your legs and holding for 10 seconds. Do this with someone holding down on your back to keep it steady.

  6. Stand up for the next test exercise. Bend from the waist and dangle your hands. Try outstretching your fingers to touch your toes. Don’t bounce or force it. Either you can do it or you cannot. Failing this test indicates shortened and tense hamstring muscles. Banish thoughts of not being built right; your arms are not too short nor are your legs too long.

Running or jogging are natural exercises

strong muscles are relief for back pain

Risk of injury is low and the benefits bump life up into a completely new realm. If you currently need relief from back pain and you have failed any of the test points above, you know there are weaknesses that need to be addressed. You probably already notice that you get tired holding up your body during your runs.

Weak back muscles, as well as weak supporting muscles may be the cause. However, there can be other possible causes for back pain that fall outside the scope of this article. Therefore, it is advisable to see a sports minded doctor for a complete back evaluation.

Back pain exercises and stretches have been part of my routine since high school. At 14 a car struck me resulting in a hairline fracture of my tailbone. Since that time, my back health has been restored through the help of Dr. Kraus’ publication. Relief for back pain for me was accomplished by back exercises and stretches. But I do have to be disciplined and do them.

It is not about avoiding back pain or relieving back pain as much as it is understanding that the body runs as a complete system. Therefore, muscle strength and flexibility including hip flexors and abs must be strong enough to handle your own body weight.

Like I said earlier, check with your doctor to make sure the cause of your backache is appropriate for exercise. Back pain remedies exist. In any case, I suggest getting your hands on the below listed book. It is available in republished versions as well; I read the listed one.


Kraus, Dr. Hans. The Cause, Prevention and Treatment of Backache Stress And Tension (Softcover), Simon & Shuster; First Pocket Books Printing, 1969. ISBN 0-671-82378-7

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