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Running clothes have gone high tech since I first started jogging 34 years ago. Still today, there are just a few essential jogging clothes. The rest are optional as you begin jogging. I will go over four criteria to help you decide what you need to start running.

The jogging clothes have gone from the cotton t-shirt and shorts of the 70’s to manufactured fibers boasting increased speed, cooling and wicking of perspiration. Surprisingly last year’s Canadian Olympic Team wore uniforms that are reportedly two-hundredths of a second faster than 2008’s running clothes*.

That kind of speed savings is at an international competitive level of competition. These athletes strive for greater and better performances at every event. Your women’s running shorts will not give you any noticeable improvement in your time.

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Do you remember your most favorite running shoes?

If your jogging shoes could speak, what story would they tell? Tell it here.

Today’s running clothes allow for airflow. This keeps the jogger cooler and more comfortable. You do not need to experience a wet t-shirt sticking to your skin and pulling as you move your arms with each step to know that it is unpleasant. Trust me on this one.

Jogging shoes will always be the most important piece of running equipment you own. That is why I recommend you put the effort in selecting the best running shoes for you.

A running bra or athletic bra may be a necessity along with your running shoes. Find out how to select the best fit.

Running Clothes Are Not Necessary

Running gloves for cold weather are nice to have. However, I have run hundreds of miles with sweat socks on my hands in winter. Maybe a bit goofy. They did work and kept my wrists warm too.

Running hats protect from the sun’s rays. They also mean you don’t need to do your hair before heading out the door. Big plus point here, especially with my curls that tend to go frizzy overnight.

New running clothes, technical shirts and shorts, are optional when beginning jogging. There are several reasons for this…

running clothes
  1. You will not be going very fast or on long runs when you first begin jogging. Remember you are taking it slowly to allow your body a chance to adjust to the increase in activity level. Your running muscles will also develop during this period. This means that you may not experience the full benefits of new jogging clothes right away. You just may not sweat enough to notice much difference in comfort.

  2. These women’s fitness clothes can be expensive, which is fine. I was just thinking that you would appreciate them more when you are ready for them. For now, why not make a game out of it. It can act as fitness motivation when just starting out. Maybe when you reach 10 miles per week, you’ll treat yourself to a matching outfit. There is just something about those matching running outfits that the girl in me finds appealing.

  3. Is running to lose weight your motivation to go jogging? I have no doubt that you will lose weight so the clothes you buy today may just be too baggy in 3 weeks. Heavier people often perspire more, which may make the purchase completely worth it to you. That one is your call. Nevertheless, do go out jogging a couple of times to see if it would be worth it to you.

  4. How serious are you about your jogging? Are you sticking to your 2 to 3 runs a week? Do you feel like you have just discovered the secrets of the universe having found jogging? Well then, you have arrived. Go ahead and indulge.

    If this isn’t you yet, you should keep at it. The fitter you become from jogging the more energy you will have for life. In this case, try the motivational tip I gave in 2. above.


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