Losing Running Motivation During Marathon Training

When you lose running motivation during your training, running quotes may help. Alternatively, jogging in a favorite environment can re-ignite you. If these do not do it, something more is happening. You can fix that too.

Running Blahs

What if you have the running blahs? You have been training for a marathon or a half-marathon and now you have lost interest. Heaven forbid, you just do not feel like running. Not only that, you also seem to have lost interest in things around you too. Perhaps you have been feeling somewhat depressed or melancholy.

In this case, a drop in running motivation is almost certainly from too much training or too much of an intense workout program. You are burnt out. You have not used a gradual enough mileage increase for your body to adapt before adding on more miles.

Any marathon schedule you use is created as an ideal. You must be willing to make changes based on your progress. Moreover, your progress is measured not only in weekly miles, but also in how well you feel. Let’s see if this applies to you. I am going to have you ask yourself a couple of questions…

Ask yourself these questions

  1. When was the last time you finished a training week and you were eager for your next distance run?

  2. When was the last time you were eager to just get out there for a run?

If you could not answer either of these questions as “this week,” then you need to back off so you can go forward again.

You Are Overtraining

Actually, you are quite fortunate. Losing running motivation is easy to fix. Whereas, running injuries because you trained too hard can set you back weeks or even months. Too much too soon also makes you more susceptible to illness like the common cold.

When you do too much, too quickly or too intensely you cause stresses on your body that your body cannot adapt to fast enough. Your body can adapt no doubt about it. You just need to let it happen.

Plan of Action

Therefore, here is what you need to do to regain your motivation for running.

  1. Take a couple of days off with no running and no exercise. These are total rest days.

  2. Then do a day of cross training like swimming, biking with your spouse, or walking your grand kids to the park.

  3. Now, on the fourth day, if you are eager for a run–go for a 3-5 mile jog.

  4. At this point if you are feeling yourself again, then restart the schedule from 2 weeks back and come forward from that point.

As long as you get in a distance run of 16-18 miles three weeks from your marathon, you should be able to finish it with a gentle pace and your regained running motivation.

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