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Running quotes and stories are powerful motivation. They are words that inspire. They can get you through the hard runs or races. Quotes of others that have come before us can steer us in the right direction and keep us on our path.

These are a collection of favorite running jogging quotes from over the years. Try saying them to yourself to get you going jogging or to put perspective on where you are at now.

Running Quotes On Racing

Always be proud of your accomplishments. Just don't get too cocky or someone is sure to point this quote out to you, “You are only as good as your last race.” Unknown

“Everyone races uphill. Take advantage and race downhill too. You will pass all the exhausted walking runners.” I paraphrased this running quote from my high school cross-country coach. It gave me the viewpoint of a racer and I always managed to pass competitors downhill.

Jogging and running offers the body an opportunity of eliminate waste through sweat. We sweat more often and so, “Honest sweat doesn’t stink.” Dr. George Sheehan

Training for a marathon, I was deciding to end a long run early because of a snowstorm: “Better to live to run another day.”

On struggling to finish my fourth marathon amidst menstrual cramps, I just said this to myself when I dared to think of calling it quits: “Better to hurt for a couple of hours, than to quit and hurt the rest of my life.” I was right. The race ended and I succeeded. In that way, I had won. Had I failed to finish, I know I would be feeling that loss today.

Running Quotes On Training

“Walk breaks can eliminate injury.” Jeff Galloway, Marathon! When I first implemented this, I found that my 5k times improved to best ever even though I had taken a couple of walk breaks.

“Walk breaks will…allow runners over the age of 40 to not only do their first marathon but to improve times in most cases.” Jeff Galloway. Jeff is offering us an opportunity here. The thought of running 26.2 miles without stopping can be unimaginable. Truth is you would still have done the marathon, with or without walk breaks.

Running the Toronto Waterfront Marathon, a fellow running found even the speed bumps aggressive by mile 18. “Without hills, we wouldn’t appreciate the flat stretches.” Bob Glover and Jack Shepherd, The Runner's Handbook.

Jogging can be play for adults. It is a break from the rest of our day. “Watch children run and go and do likewise.” Percy Wells Cerutty, from Beyond Jogging.

Try using this one to get you moving again, “Nothing happens until something moves.” Albert Einstein.

Training hard is what we think we have to do to get results. Here is a viewpoint that you may not have considered. “Over the years I have come to believe two rules about training. The first: it is better to be undertrained than overtrained. The second: if things are going badly I am undoubtedly
overtrained and need less work rather than more.” Dr. George Sheehan, Running and Being, page 143.

In a fast paced world, we want quick results. Even as we get older, we still expect things to come as quickly as years gone by. We are in a different league now, “If you are over forty and just starting to run the most important thing–and probably the most difficult–is to be content with slow improvement.” James Fix, The Complete Book of Running, page 113.

Running Quotes On Life And Living

running quote2

“Life must be lived. Acted out. The play we are in is our own.” Dr. George Sheehan, Running and Being, page 246. I like this one because it is a reminder to not be a bystander to life. There is action involved in this game we call life.

“Running changes our attitude concerning defeat. When, we run, even in competition, we compete not so much against others as against ourselves.” James Fix, The Complete Book of Running, page 32. Do you find yourself wanting to compete against your own best time? Sometimes I avoid looking up my last year's race time to enjoy today's run.


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