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How To Get The Best Fit The First Time

When buying running shoes online, you want the best fit the first time. Find out how to go about choosing running shoes, whether motion control, stability or a neutral shoe.

Sizing Matters

If you are sticking to the same brand of jogging shoes, your size should be the same as your current shoes.

For selecting shoe size, also consider the width. If you need wide or narrow dress shoes, you will probably need the same in runners. Otherwise, consider the normal width your size in “width”.

You may find a slight difference in sizing of athletic shoes or from maker to maker. Where you need a 7½ for your dress pumps, your running shoes online selection will probably be larger, perhaps an 8 or even 8½. Even though you can often get free return shipping, you will want to get it right the first time. So check for the "online help" related to sizing of the shoes you are considering.

Are you a neutral runner?

neutral runner footprint

This does not refer to your speed. It refers to how your foot lands with each strike. If your ankles do not rotate too much either inwards or outwards, this is most likely you.

You have more choices available to you, particularly if you have been injury free. You can choose a neutral shoe; a shoe with cushioning; motion control or one with little cushioning for a more natural or barefoot feel (minimalist).

Without the prior preparation needed to increase foot and ankle strength, I fear you would be disappointed with the minimalist shoe experience. I would rather you work your way up to this experience than to plunge.

I find the neutral running shoe gives adequate cushioning and free motion. I land on my mid-foot or forefoot when wearing these and so do not require the extra cushioning a heel striker would need.

Do You Overpronate or Underpronate?

Pronation is describing the action of the foot and ankle during foot strike and take-off. This normal action helps to absorb the shock of landing and propel you off again.

Overpronation is a term used to describe what the foot does on landing when you run. It means that your foot rolls in and the ankles with them.

Not to worry, this is common in runners. It does however; make you susceptible to overuse injuries because of the added strain. Using stability running shoes or motion control shoes will help to stabilize your running form or technique. Heavier runners or those prone to knee pain from running will want to go with a healthy amount of cushioning in their shoe selection.

You can check your shoes for wear pattern to see if this fits you. You would see a wear pattern on the inside edge of your shoes. Another check is to view your feet barefoot, standing still. Can you see your arches? If not, you probably overpronate.

Underpronation means that your ankle and feet tend to roll outward. This is more common in those with high arches.

When you get out of the shower and put your wet feet on the bath mat, you see either no connection between the forefoot print and the heel or you see a very thin line. Additionally, you see a wear pattern in your jogging shoes along the outside edge of your shoes.

If you overpronate you will enjoy the cushioning of the motion control shoes. You can also select the cushioned shoe.

The best running shoes will always be the shoes that meet your particular needs. You can successfully select those running shoes online by knowing your needs.

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