Running Workouts For Endurance, Speed and Strength

You use several different running workouts to emphasize endurance, speed and strength. Running for fitness or 10K training, jogging women are improving performance while running pain free.

How To Use These Workouts

Introduce any changes to your workouts slowly. Even though you can go 5k now, by increasing the intensity (speed) and distance, your body needs time to adapt. Sorry but it is the only way I have found that will prevent running injuries.

If you jog 2x per week, it will take you several weeks to include all the workouts. My recommendation is to include one additional type of workout per week. I always want to keep the fun in my workouts and so don’t want to suffer from the same old routine. By mixing things up, I accomplish this plus my workouts remain fresh and effective.

Base Fitness Level

Jogging 2-3x per week for 3 months or more is going to give you a good starting point to introduce variations to your running workouts.

You will receive the greatest benefits from these workouts after you have reached running at least 10 miles per week.

Running Up That Hill

Hill training builds strength in your legs. The quadriceps to be specific benefit greatly. The introduction of hill work will increase your power.

Caveat: You should have no running pain prior to starting any new workout.

Hills come in varying slopes or gradients. The steeper the hill, the sharper the angle of the slope and the more challenging the run up is going to be. You need to start with a smaller hill.

Run up to the top and over the crest. Turn around and run down. Be sure to be jogging light on the way down. Make your landings as silent as possible. This not only saves your feet from the pounding, it also serves to build up the stabilizing ability of your legs.

On your first day, do this twice. You can increase the repetitions later. Remember to vary your workouts for maximum benefit. Do this by varying the intensity of your uphill run and using hills of different lengths and slopes.

Build Endurance

Endurance is needed before introducing any new workout. In fact, you probably have already noticed that just by getting fitter, your speed improves naturally.

Ideally, you are capable of jogging for one hour without stopping. This represents a good solid endurance base to build on. I did say “capable”, this does not mean you cannot use walk breaks.

Walk breaks are an effective way to build endurance during long runs. How it works is you jog 8 to 9 minutes and then take a 1-minute walk break for recovery. Repeat for the distance of your long run. The benefit is you can jog faster and longer than without walk breaks. If you want to test to see if you can go 1 hour without walking, you will need to slow down your pace.

Being able to run 1 hour without a walk break is a milestone. It will make the other running workouts much easier because you have the endurance to back it up. Kind of like having the cushion of a healthy savings account—you can back up your goals.

Use one day for endurance training. If you run less than 10 miles per week, increase your long run by 0.5 miles per week. Over 10 miles per week, you can increase by 10%.

The pace of your endurance runs should be comfortable. Do not worry about time; you are going for distance here.

Speed Workout

As I mentioned earlier, speed will increase naturally as your endurance increases. With a good solid base of miles under your belt, you can add speed work to your jogging.

You have two options here…

  1. Use a nearby track for a track workout
  2. Use the hydro poles on the road as your measurement of distance run.

For both options, start with a half mile warm up. Then increase your speed and hold speed for half a lap or the length of two hydro poles.

When first starting speed work, use a walk break for recovery. Then later you can use light jogging for your recovery period. Repeat twice. This is enough for the first day. You will be adding repetitions to later workouts and increasing to a full lap or four hydro poles.

For one of the tougher running workouts, you can shorten the recovery jogging so you run hard again before a complete recovery. Do this only when your speed work has become somewhat easy for you and you want to increase the challenge.

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