Sciatica Exercises
Preventive Maintenance For Running Jogging

Sciatica is not a disease. It is a term used to describe symptoms. Sciatica exercises help to relieve this running pain. The pain can be felt in the lower back, butt pain or down the leg.

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Sometimes it has felt like a jolt of electricity shot down my leg. I tell you, you pretty well freeze on the spot and then move ever so carefully when this severe. As with any, exercise program, check with your health care professional before introducing any new exercises including these sciatica exercises.

These exercises for sciatica should be part of your cool down stretches. As you are jogging for fitness, it can occur that one or more nerves from the spine get compressed. Your muscles are strengthening and toning, so naturally things need to adjust. This is the most common cause of sciatica pain in runners. There are other more serious causes that your doctor can determine, so do check it out.

The exercises below are the ones that I use. They keep me jogging and "living life like I mean it". Use gentle stretching motions so as not to yank and tear muscle tissue.

1. Lying thigh stretch

Lye on the floor. Bend your right leg and cross it over the other leg and hold for a count of 20. Repeat this three times alternating with your left leg. This is my number one favorite of the sciatica relief exercises because I have had instant relief.

lying thigh stretch

2. Wall thigh stretch

Do this one the same as the above only do it in the standing position. I use this at work when lying down is not an option. Provides relief but not as effective as the lying thigh stretch.

wall thigh stretch

3. Standing thigh stretch

Stand with your feet together. Now cross your right leg over the left. Bend down to reach toward the floor. This stretches the outer thigh muscle.

standing thigh stretch

4. Back curl

Lye on the floor and bring your knees up hugging them while raising your head slightly.

back curl

5. Full back curl

In the lying position, bring your legs up and over your head. As your flexibility, increases you will be able to have your legs go back further and further.

full back curl

By adding sciatica stretches to your cool down exercises, you are helping to prevent further difficulties.

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