Start Jogging, The 4 Rules of How To

To start jogging when you are getting older requires patience and determination. A 5K in 2 weeks is probably unrealistic. Nevertheless, with these four rules for beginner jogging you will be running for the best part of your life.

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A realistic plan of action will get you to the starting line of 5K, 10k or even a marathon, should you choose.

First, you will need to assess your fitness level. Are you active? Spending 30 minutes 3-5 times a week walking, hiking or biking will make your jogging exercise quicker and easier.

Not active?

That is OK too. We will get you there…

OK, now for some ground rules…

Start Jogging Rules

Every sport or game has its rules. Jogging does too. Breaking them will not get you thrown out of the game. But, you may find yourself sidelined with one or more running injuries.

Rule #1 Listen to Your Body

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Your body will do the work you ask of it. You just need to accommodate its signals for you to back off.

When you start jogging, you are using muscles in your legs that were not fully used probably for a very long time. They are weak, small and flabby. Too much too soon and you will surely hurt yourself.

Rule #2 It Takes As Long As It Takes

You are an individual. There is no one else exactly like you. Only you have your experiences and memories.

Remember high school track or cross-country? You had the summer off, and then 2 weeks after school starts you have your first cross-country race. That is how the program ran, no time for light jogging. Few if any kids ran through summer. It wasn’t good for you then and certainly isn’t at 50 plus.

Not to put a damper on your ambitions–you can decide to run a 5k when you are ready. But don’t pick one just yet. You have a lot of body conditioning to do ahead of time. It may take you 2 to 4 months or longer before you could race. A 5k fun run is an exciting way to gauge your progress without pressure of performance.

Rule #3 Be Patient

This is so true. You may want to try out your new jogging gear. Or, you will find that your heart and lung capacity increases faster than your leg strength. Particularly true when you remain active on your non jogging days. You must be patient and not overdo it. Let your legs gain strength.

Rule #4 Break the Rules Pay the Price

There will be no fine for breaking these jogging rules. Instead, you will find yourself sidelined waiting for a jogging injury to heal. I highly doubt that running knee pain or foot and ankle pain starts with a sudden onset and no warning.

You will find that you have ignored warning signals that your body has sent you. Any swelling or numbness of the joints and you need to back off running. Use ice. Let it heal. This is the voice of experience speaking…

I ignored mild swelling and numbness in my knees. The result was what some would call sudden and extreme pain in my knees with each step as I jogged.

Big mistake. It left me feeling that my jogging days had come and gone. Now I live these rules. With these 4 rules, you can learn from my mistakes and start jogging injury free for years to come.

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