Toasted Cheese Sandwich Before Jogging

by Cassandra H.

I have tried many different foods before running. I used to have an energy bar, but looking at the calories, I decided since I am running to lose weight, I could do better. Besides, the list of ingredients could barely fit on the package label. I did not realize that all those supposedly good vitamins wouldn’t be natural sourced.

Usually I just make myself a toasted cheddar cheese sandwich using just one slice of rye bread or whole grain bread. I found that a whole sandwich was more of a meal than a healthy snack and I would be too full to feel like going jogging.

A banana or apple works too. However, I did find that an orange did not work. I ended up doing more walking than jogging that day. Oh well, live and learn.

I usually finish off my workout with a glass of water with EmergenC in it. Just to replace some nutrients that I may have used up. I have never gone for Gatorade, just seems a bit of overkill for me because I am still jogging short distances.

After my run and cool down exercises, it is time to make supper. So I don’t have a particular favorite after run snack. I just have supper. But, I did notice that I am making more salads since I have been doing more jogging. You mentioned that we might be more inclined to eat healthier. That is my experience too.


I am glad to see that you have moved away from the energy bars in favor of less calories and food additives.

Cassandra, you are doing well with your healthy food choices. Very well done. You didn't say how much weight you are wanting to lose, but I am sure that you are already seeing results.

Much success to you and thank you for letting us know what works for you.

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