What Is Cardiovascular Endurance?
Going The Extra Mile

Asking, “What is cardiovascular endurance?” and “Can I raise my cardiorespiratory endurance?” Cardiovascular endurance is the ability of the heart, lungs and circulatory system to meet an increased workload over a period of time.

Your level of endurance cardio can be measured with a test measuring your oxygen uptake. This would be something that researchers studying elite athletes or a physician checking on gasping patients would do.  Most of us will never have need or desire to get this test done.

Of course, you may be interested in your cardiovascular endurance and want to know your own level. As you exercise, your ability to handle the increased workload will improve. With an increase in your jogging miles, you will notice it is getting easier. What once was a long run for you is now more of a pleasant jog and that is what is cardiovascular endurance.

Your level of cardiovascular endurance can be scaled. The more you do, the more your ability to do increases. As your ability increases from couch potato to jogging woman, you look to greater challenges. Like perhaps, training for a 5k. From there, who knows?…Maybe in a year, you decide running a marathon is an achievable goal.

For me, my cardio endurance is visible on my logging log. I use a monthly calendar to log miles run and other training workouts. I can then see at a glance, my long runs. These endurance runs represent my level of endurance, the ability of my cardiorespiratory system to meet oxygen demands for greater and greater distances.

When I again decided that I was going to get fit, it took me two weeks to work up to 10 minutes on the stationary bike with the bike turned off. This means that I had near zero resistance, less than a bicycle. From there I worked up my heart and lung function, kept with it and in a year and a half, I ran and completed a marathon. An example of what is possible. Even now, it is an achievement I remember most fondly mostly because of the tremendous increase in my endurance I was able to achieve.

You can gauge your level of endurance by your ability to meet oxygen demands over longer distances or greater intensity. What may once have had you huffing and puffing for your breath, now requires less effort on your part. What is cardiovascular endurance is not the entire story when fitness is concerned. Six factors determine your fitness level. How many do you have in place?

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