Women Jogging Have Improved Family Life

There is a rise in women jogging. Why is that? It gets results is why. Jogging is one of the best exercises for women when considering 5 factors.

5 Factors To Success

To measure the success of an exercise program, you need to look at the following factors…

couple jogging
  1. Health benefits long-term

  2. Enjoyment of activity

  3. Ease of participation

  4. Social aspect

  5. Stick-to-itness

Women Jogging Health Benefits

The benefits of jogging are most notable for those that jog 2-3 times per week for an average of 2-2½ hours per week. The Copenhagen City Heart Study found these women lived an average of 5.6 years longer than their non-jogging counter parts.

Women running have also discovered an antiaging exercise. With the improved oxygen uptake and usage, we just have bodies that function better–including having a younger appearance.

Enjoyment of Activity

Let’s face it, if you don’t like it, you won’t do it. However, with jogging, there is undoubtedly another factor at work here.

Beyond Jogging was a book published in 1976. The author Mike Spino, speaks of that spiritual experience. Jogging is so enjoyable because it gets us to be able to experience a sense of being bigger, expansive and more powerful than the body itself. Basically, it helps you to find the real you.

Are you really just a body with a name as your designation and identity?

There is something about women jogging that allows us to get closer to the truth of our own existence. The high activity level of running shoots us up the human emotions—allowing something almost magical to occur.

We have called it “the runners high” or “being in the zone,” that allows us to have incredible runs. Whatever you call it, it seems to go beyond mere human experience.

Ease of Participation

Jogging just requires that you can walk before taking up the sport. Most anyone that can walk can start jogging. Find out how to start jogging here.

Really all you need are jogging shoes and minimal jogging gear. Perhaps a pair of jogging shorts that fit well and allow for leg movement.

Then with the endurance built up you can go from couch to 5k. The best of my jogging tips is to be patient. Increase a little bit every week to meet your goal.

Social Aspect

women jogging

Women running in the 50 plus age group find friends by joining running groups or entering local road races. I love to select races that are in nearby cities. That way my husband and I can make a weekend out of the event. When I ran the Niagara Falls Marathon, it was a weekend getaway fit for a princess.

Another point is that we also set a good example to our kids and grandchildren and their friends. My son has several friends who are eager runners after the adventure too.

Being able to play active games with your family is a great way to get more family time. Instead of you sitting at the sidelines, you can play road hockey or soccer with the younger ones. I recall playing road hockey with Jonathon and his friends, his eyes just lit up with excitement and pride. Now that was priceless!


Jogging is freeing. The sense of well-being achieved with only 2-3 days a week will have you coming back for more year after year.

So often, we just worry about taking care of the body. Eating the right foods, getting enough sleep, taking it easy are looking after the body. Well fine, but think about this…

Your body is designed to be worked. Work it!

Find out what you can achieve by going for it. In other words, live life like you mean it! The alternative could leave you asking, "Is this it?"

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